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Alfred Surratt

Alfred Surratt
Nickname: Slick

Career: 1947-1952
Position: of
Teams: Detroit Stars, Kansas City Monarchs
Born: November 9, 1922, Danville, Arkansas

Baseball Career Highlights:
"Barnstorming with Satchel Paige and playing in Yankee Stadium."

Professional/Personal Accomplishments:
Surratt was the manager and coach of the Kansas City Giants, a semi-pro team. He coached little league baseball for 15 years. He has been employed with the Ford Motor Company since 1952. Currently, is he an officer at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, in Kansas City, Missouri.

Source: NLBM Legacy 2000 Players' Reunion Alumni Book, Kansas City Missouri: Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Inc., 2000.

Alfred Surratt photo

Alfred Surratt