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Eli Williams

Eli Williams
Nicknames: Eddie, Buddy

Career: 1943-1945
Position: of
Teams: Harrisburg-St. Louis Stars (1943), Kansas City Monarchs (1945)
Born: November 8, 1916, Union Spring, Alabama

A wartime player, this left fielder played with the Harrisburg-St. Louis Stars in 1943, before the team withdrew from league play to barnstorm with Dizzy Dean's All-Stars. Two years later he was a reserve outfielder with the Kansas City Monarchs, batting .270 in his last season in the Negro Leagues.

Baseball Career Highlights:
"When the secretary of the Kansas City Monarchs asked me to play for the team, I was in New York City. Also, I remember the day they got Jackie Robinson for the National League. It happened after we finished playing a three-game series in Chicago."

Professional/Personal Accomplishments:
"I worked as a longshore man in Miami, Florida, for 25 years. Since I retired, I've been busy traveling."

Awards, Honors, Titles, Championships,
Schools, Colleges:

• Marlins Baseball Team Award
• Threw out the First Pitch on the Fiftieth Anniversary of "Jackie
   Robinson's Breaking the Color Barrier" Ceremony

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, Kansas City Missouri: Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Inc., 2000.

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Eli Williams photo

Eli Williams